Urma's Studio, based in Khurja, specializes in crafting modern handmade pottery for homes. Influenced by minimalist design and mid-century modern details, Urma's work emphasizes the tactile experience of clay with inviting textures. She believes in the beauty of handmade ceramics for everyday use.

my work is modern, stylish and brings a smile! I lovingly design, hand build, fire in my kiln and hand glaze each piece to give you a truly unique, one of a kind work of art. I make pieces in small batches and regularly change the design so if you like a piece grab it while you can!

I breathe life into clay, transforming it into exquisite pieces of functional art. Each ceramic creation that emerges from my kiln tells a story - a narrative of passion, heritage, and the timeless allure of ceramic industy in khurja. In the heart of Khurja's bustling ceramic market, my studio stands as a beacon of creativity, offering a diverse array of handcrafted treasures to adorn your home and garden. From rustic planters adorned with intricate patterns to sleek, contemporary pots that exude minimalist elegance, there's something here to suit every taste and style.

From my hands to yours ......

... Ceramics made to become a part of your home. Tactile beauty from our earth, creating connection and grounding us.

Modern Textures

Urma’s dailyware ceramic ware are slip-cast from moulds of her wheel thrown forms. They are then bisque-fired, glazed and glaze-fired before being decorated with special lithographically printed ceramic decals of her hand-painted illustrations. A third and final firing melts the artwork into the glaze, so that it is tough enough for dishwashers, microwaves and everyday use.

Beyond mere aesthetics, my work is a celebration of sustainability and eco-conscious living. By choosing locally sourced materials and employing traditional techniques passed down through generations, I strive to create pottery that not only delights the senses but also honors the environment and our cultural heritage. As you explore my website, you'll embark on a journey through the soul-stirring landscapes of Khurja, where every ceramic pot and planter is a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Whether you're looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your indoor space or breathe new life into your garden with vibrant planters, I invite you to discover the timeless appeal of Khurja ceramic through my artistry. Welcome to a world where clay transcends its earthly bounds to become a vessel for creativity, culture, and connection. My repertoire includes a diverse range of creations, from timeless ceramic pots and planters to charming flower pots that breathe life into indoor spaces. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted, bearing the hallmark of artisanal excellence. Whether it's the classic allure of ceramic plant pots or the graceful charm of handmade ceramic bowls, every creation exudes a unique blend of elegance and functionality.

Ethically crafted ceramics

Designing with function + beauty, my aim always to seek new ways and forms to adapt to each individuals style and desires.

At my studio in Khurja, I strive to push the boundaries of creativity, experimenting with shapes, colors, and textures to craft unique pieces that reflect the essence of pottery. From intricately hand-painted vases to elegantly sculpted tableware, each creation bears the mark of artisanal excellence and the unmistakable charm of ceramics in khurja. As one of Khurja's esteemed ceramic Indian pottery, I take pride in preserving our cultural heritage while embracing the demands of the modern world. Through my website, I invite you to explore the diverse range of pottery online in khurja, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship or simply seeking to add a touch of elegance to your home, Join me on a journey of discovery as we celebrate the beauty and artistry of ceramics in khurja one masterpiece at a time. At my studio, you'll find a treasure trove of artisanal delights, including Ugaoo pots, imported wonders, and bespoke creations that reflect the essence of weaving homes into art. From the cozy ambiance of Pottery Barn to the vibrant hues of Orange Skies, my pieces find homes in a myriad of settings, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment. Step into my world, where every piece tells a story – from the whimsical cloud mug to the rustic allure of ceramic jars with wooden lids. Indulge in the beauty of handmade pottery, where plates, bowls, and tableware are infused with soulful craftsmanship, perfect for elevating your dining experience.

Our speciality

At Urma's Studio, where creativity knows no bounds, explore an eclectic mix of contemporary design and rustic allure in our home decor collection. Featuring exquisite Khurja pottery handcrafted by the talented artist Urma herself, each piece is a masterpiece that blends tradition with innovation. From intricately designed vases to captivating tableware, Urma's creations infuse your living space with cultural richness and artistic flair. Discover the essence of Urma's vision and elevate your home with the timeless elegance of her artisanal treasures.

As an artist hailing from Khurja, I find inspiration in the vibrant culture and age-old techniques of this ancient craft. Every piece I create tells a story a tale of tradition, innovation, and the timeless beauty of pottery. My journey as a ceramic artist began amidst the bustling streets and bustling marketplaces of Khurja, where the art of pottery is woven into the fabric of daily life. Drawing upon the techniques passed down by my ancestors, I infuse each creation with a touch of modernity, bringing a fresh perspective to this age-old craft. For those seeking unique accents for their homes, explore our collection of pottery mugs, vases, and birdhouses, each crafted with care to complement your aesthetic sensibilities. Embrace the beauty of dried flowers and pampas grass arrangements, housed in exquisite ceramic vases that serve as timeless centerpieces. With a keen eye for design and a passion for innovation, I invite you to explore the world of ceramic artistry at my pottery shop and studio. Let your imagination soar as you discover the perfect piece to adorn your home, whether it's a swing-face hanging pot or a monstera leaf pot inspired creation. Experience the magic of handmade ceramics, where tradition meets contemporary elegance, and every piece is a testament to the art of pottery. Welcome to a world where beauty knows no bounds, and every creation is crafted with love and dedication.